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Play It Again – The Birdcage

By Simon Miraudo August 25, 2014 Play It Again is a weekly feature in which our classic-film connoisseurs revisit a revered motion picture from the annals of movie history, to see if it holds up… or if it has aged terribly. And yes, it takes its name from a famously misquoted Casablanca line. Hey, whatever. It […]

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Ewan McGregor cast in Noah Baumbach’s The Corrections

Ewan McGregor will join Chris Cooper and Dianne Wiest in Noah Baumbach‘s HBO pilot The Corrections. It was announced in September that Baumbach and producer Scott Rudin would bring Jonathan Franzen’s acclaimed tome to the small screen as a HBO series. The book tells the story of the repressed Lambert family; parents Alfred (Cooper) and […]

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