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Thomas Jane is your parallel universe Don Draper

Here’s a fun little knowledge-nugget to keep in your pocket. Thomas Jane was AMC’s original choice to star as Don Draper in the acclaimed television show Mad Men. Jon Hamm – the Draper we know and love – revealed this on Marc Maron’s brilliant WTF podcast earlier in the week. Speaking of his eventual casting […]

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Mad Men to end after sixth season

Mad Men, the best show on television and your one stop destination for lively karaoke, will come to a close in 2012 following the completion of its sixth season. UPDATE: AMC emailed NY Mag’s Vulture, assuring them that Weiner’s comments had been blown out of proportion, and Mad Men could potentially continue on through 2013. […]

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The cast and crew of Mad Men sing karaoke

A video of the cast and crew of Mad Men singing (drunkenly, we assume) Bye Bye Birdie has leaked online. It’s really strange. (Thanks Vulture for pointing this out.) The clip was created as a ‘thank you’ for creator Matt Weiner at the conclusion of the show’s brilliant third season. It even comes with a […]

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