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Dracula: Year One is back from the dead

Universal has revived Dracula: Year One from the studio‚Äôs graveyard, Deadline reports. The news comes in the wake of rumours Warner Brothers could be looking at Russell Crowe to star in their take on Dracula, entitled Harker. Universal shelved their plans to revisit Dracula – with Alex Proyas directing and Sam Worthington in the lead […]

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Sam Worthington to play Dracula?

source: latinoreview.com Avatar star Sam Worthington is in negotiations to play The Great Fanged One in fellow Aussie Alex Proyas‘ upcoming flick Dracula: Year Zero. The film explores the origin of Dracula, combining traditional vampire mythology with the history of notorious Prince Vlad the Impaler (pictured above, kinda). Dracula will be the flawed hero of […]

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