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“Nobody’s perfect.” A Valentine’s guide for laughers, criers, sceptics, and freaky-deakies.

By Simon Miraudo February 12, 2014 Valentine’s Day is coming, and with it, the annual amount of punishing pressure, nervous anticipation, and flop sweat. “It’s too hard! What do I buy? Where do we go?” Look, I sympathise, which is why I’ve gone ahead and selected twenty safe movies (all sub-categorised) to help the decision-making […]

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Buddy love – Drinking Buddies review

By Simon Miraudo February 11, 2014 Well! Here’s a movie to not watch with your on-again, off-again partner. Obscenely prolific filmmaker Joe Swanberg, one toe still dangling in the mumblecore waters from which he emerged and the rest of him entrenched with Hollywood’s finest, presents us with a tricky relationship conundrum in Drinking Buddies: is […]

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