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Michael Arndt “in line” to write Star Wars Episode 7

Disney is working speedily to get this new Star Wars trilogy in cinemas by 2015. According to Deadline, Oscar winning screenwriter Michael Arndt has penned a treatment for the next three instalments of the Star Wars saga, and is “in line” to work on the full script for Episode 7. Arndt was recruited by LucasFilm to work on […]

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George Lucas warned Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher about Star Wars Episode 7

Of course Luke Skywalker knew there were going to be more Star Wars films. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mark Hamill speaks of George Lucas revealing the news to him months ago. It seems back in August, Lucas spontaneously asked Hamill and Carrie Fisher to lunch one day and revealed Episodes VII, VIII, […]

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Disney purchases Lucasfilm for $4 billion; new Star Wars trilogy launching in 2015

Well, we didn’t expect to wake up to this news. George Lucas has sold Lucasfilm Ltd to Disney for an estimated $4.05 billion, giving the Mouse-House rights to both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchise. According to Deadline, Disney won’t exactly sit on the properties. They’re already plotting a new Star Wars trilogy, with Episode 7 set to hit cinemas in 2015. […]

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