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Paramount sues Puzo estate over new Godfather novels

Paramount and Mario Puzo’s estate are going to the mattresses over a contentious new Godfather novel. According to Bloomberg, Paramount Pictures is suing Anthony Puzo for attempting to publish a sequel to his father Mario’s legendary novel The Godfather. Mario Puzo’s original text was the basis of Francis Ford Coppola‘s feature film adaptation, considered one of the greatest […]

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Could a prequel to The Godfather be in the works?

Maybe! Mario Puzo, author of bestseller The Godfather and Oscar-winning screenwriter of Francis Ford Coppola’s film adaptations, had been working on a prequel script called The Family Corleone before his death in 1999. The Puzo estate has finally authorised writer Ed Falco to turn the 1930s-set screenplay into a book, which would follow Don Vito Corleone’s […]

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