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Proclaimer mia! – Sunshine on Leith review

By Simon Miraudo May 19, 2014 There is nothing quite as alarming as sitting down to a film and only then discovering it’s a musical, to say nothing of the confusion that comes with the realisation it’s comprised entirely of Proclaimers songs. And yet, that is precisely the experience Sunshine on Leith delivered. (In fairness, […]

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Sydney Film Festival – For Those In Peril review

By Simon Miraudo June 13, 2013 Grief strikes in your gut, and then lingers for a lifetime. It can dull, or grow exponentially. There’s no way of knowing how you’ll handle it, until you’re in the midst of it. It’s kind of like love’s awful cousin. And like love, it’s a tough thing to evoke […]

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