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Interview: Leon Ford, writer/director of Griff the Invisible

Interview: Leon Ford, writer/director of Griff the Invisible. By Simon Miraudo. Back in the 1990s, audiences were spoiled for choice when it came to offbeat DIY superhero movies (Blankman, Mystery Men, Orgazmo, Three Ninjas, kinda). Then Bryan Singer went and ruined it for everyone with his mopey X-Men films, and suddenly “gritty” superheroes were the […]

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>Trailer Debut: Griff the Invisible

>The trailer for Leon Ford’s Australian superhero movie Griff the Invisible has debuted online. Griff the Invisible is a “superhero movie” in the loosest possible sense of the term. Griff (Ryan Kwanten) is a lonely man whose superpowers can only really be seen by one other person. He works a menial job and, aside from […]

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Local films crash Toronto International Film Festival

Toronto: Home of RUSH! Birthplace of Will Arnett, Sarah Polley and Mike Myers! And apparently, a land filled with unabashed lovers of Australian cinema! A bunch of home-grown features have been selected to screen at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. Michael Henry’s Blame, Leon Ford’s Griff the Invisible and Ben Lucas’ Wasted on the […]

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