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Interview: Miranda July (The Future)

Interview: Miranda July (The Future). By Simon Miraudo. Miranda July is a unique talent with many strings to her bow; she’s a performance artist, musician, novelist, screenwriter, director, actor, and, as I discovered when I sat down with her at the Sydney Film Festival, a generally charming human being. Her latest movie – The Future – is a romantic drama about crumbling couple […]

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Perth International Arts Festival – The Future review

The Future – Starring Miranda July and Hamish Linklater. Directed by Miranda July. Originally published June 10, 2011. By Simon Miraudo. This review was originally published during the Sydney Film Festival. The Future plays the Perth International Film Festival from December 12 – 24. Click here for more details.  “Act naturally,” says a little girl to Miranda July as she digs a […]

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Sydney Film Festival – The Future review

The Future – Starring Miranda July and Hamish Linklater. Directed by Miranda July. By Simon Miraudo. The Future makes its Australian debut at the Sydney Film Festival on Saturday June 11. It also screens Sunday June 12.  “Act naturally,” says a little girl to Miranda July as she digs a backyard grave for herself. Although […]

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