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Michael Bay to produce Zombies vs. Robots

It started with Monsters vs. Aliens; a cool-sounding film that primarily appealed to teenage boys. Then, we learnt of the comic adaptation Cowboys and Aliens. That was followed by Cowboys and Ninjas and Vikings. Hollywood then turned their eyes to the world of robots, green lighting How To Survive a Robot Uprising, Real Steel and […]

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Teaser Debut: Real Steel

The teaser trailer for Shawn Levy’s fighting robots movie (no, not that one) Real Steel has debuted online. It stars Hugh Jackman as a former boxer who “trains” a scrappy young robot to become a champ. In case you are getting lost in the mire of all these new robot flicks, here are the films […]

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Jack Black to Survive A Robot Uprising?

Jack Black and Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink have purchased the rights to Daniel H. Wilson’s satirical novel How To Survive A Robot Uprising. First of all, yes, that is the same Daniel H. Wilson who wrote Robopocalypse (which is to be adapted for the screen by Steven Spielberg). According to io9, the […]

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