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Roland Emmerich returns to the White House

Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) looks set to wreak havoc on the White House again when he next directs White House Down, an action drama about a paramilitary takeover. According to Deadline, Sony Pictures paid $3 million for the spec script, and describe the film, written by James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man, the Total Recall remake), […]

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Independence Day 2 and 3 going ahead, with or without Will Smith

Director Roland Emmerich and screenwriter Dean Devlin are finalising their scripts for Independence Day 2 and 3, almost fifteen years after the first flick broke box-office records and made Will Smith the biggest action star in the world. According to Vulture, 20th Century Fox is keen to shoot ID2 and ID3 back-to-back, and soon, even […]

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