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Spider-Man star to play Jeff Buckley; Mad Bastards director developing rival Buckley biopic?

It has become very difficult keeping track of all these Jeff Buckley biopics.  Back in June it was announced two rival Jeff Buckley films were in the works. Deadline today revealed the young actor who will play the late singer in one of those films (specifically, Jake Scott’s official, family-sanctioned flick). That actor is Reeve […]

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Two Jeff Buckley biopics compete for your attention

It looks like ‘Jeff Buckley’ is the new ‘Snow White‘. Last week it was revealed that ‘Lonely Boy’ Penn Badgley had been cast as Buckley in an upcoming biopic (today confirmed by Deadline). However, he will not be the ONLY Buckley hitting cinemas in the coming year. We incorrectly reported that Badgley had been cast […]

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Jeff Buckley biopic in the works

It’s the film many have been waiting for, and many have wanted to make, but it will be director Jake Scott who will helm the untitled Jeff Buckley biopic, according to Deadline. The Welcome to the Rileys director will develop a script by Ryan Jaffe, with Michelle Sy and Orian Williams producing, and Mary Guibert, […]

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