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The driver from Drive may return, just not in Drive 2

Drive author James Sallis suggested earlier in the year that a film sequel was being developed based on his own literary follow-up, Driven. Needless to say, everyone began to furiously collate all the French electro they could find for an anticipatory and celebratory iTunes playlist. Director Nicolas Winding Refn has since told The Evening Standard that another Drive movie “is never […]

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Drive sequel in the works?

File this one under, ‘probably not.’ Still, it’s fun to imagine! James Sallis, author of the novel upon which Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Drive was based, has written a sequel entitled Driven. Speaking with The Independent, Sallis claims his follow-up might indeed be headed to the big screen, claiming “they” (Refn? Star Ryan Gosling? Random producers?) “love the book.” Driven takes place seven […]

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