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“You think it’s over,” but… ‘Saw 8’ is in development

After a three-year hiatus, Lionsgate is “actively developing” a new Saw movie. That’s according to Bloody Disgusting‘s sources, who are otherwise tight-lipped on details. Perhaps that’s because Lionsgate is still in the early stages of figuring out their plans. Whether Saw 8 will indeed be another sequel or a fresh franchise reboot are among the details still being considered. […]

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Lionsgate consider rebooting Saw

Lionsgate are considering a reboot of the positively ancient Saw franchise, which has produced thirty-four sequels since the first flick debuted in the late 18th century. The news comes from Bloody Disgusting, who suggest that a remake is merely being mulled by the studio, and they may indeed bankroll another sequel instead. Exaggerations aside, 2012 will mark […]

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