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Return of the Mick – Wolf Creek 2 review

By Simon Miraudo February 17, 2014 Greg Mclean‘s original Wolf Creek holds a dubious distinction. It’s one of eight films to have ever received an ‘F’ Cinemascore from disgruntled viewers. That means people walked out of the cinema and, when asked by the fine folk at American market research firm Cinemascore how they wanted to […]

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Trailer Debut: Wolf Creek 2

Mick’s back and hungry for more in the trailer for Wolf Creek 2. John Jarratt returns as the vicious Mick Taylor for Greg McLean’s follow-up to the 2005 hit Wolf Creek. As far as plot goes, it’s all pretty familiar, with Mick once again hunting “foreign vermin” (this time played by Ryan Corr and Shannon […]

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John Jarratt confirms Wolf Creek 2 is currently shooting

John Jarratt surprised many when he revealed to the Sydney Morning Herald that he is currently shooting the sequel to Wolf Creek. On the press tour for his small role in Tarantino’s latest, Django Unchained, Jarratt – with his fake tattoos and hair dye, looking very much like his psycho serial killer alter-ego Mick Taylor […]

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