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Take the money – Fading Gigolo review

By Glenn Dunks April 29, 2014 It’s telling that John Turturro cast Woody Allen in his latest directorial effort given that the director/writer/star’s Fading Gigolo is desperate to be ‘a Woody Allen film’ for a new generation. Blithely crude in execution if not spirit, this odd-shaped romantic comedy aims for sweet, but only gets there […]

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Trailer Debut: Transformers – Dark of the Moon

The feature trailer for the third Transformers movie – the Pink Floydian-titled Dark of the Moon – has debuted online. It hints at an incisive commentary on geopolitics and the American government’s relationship with its citizens, as well as a haunting final sequence that evokes Michael Haneke‘s … just kidding! It’s robots punching each other! […]

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