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Head to Head – Jumper

Doug Liman’s Jumper is many things to many people. A fun popcorn flick. An actively annoying mess. A document of a platinum blonde Samuel L. Jackson. In this week’s instalment of Head to Head, Chris Richardson of The Movie Hub and Quickflix critic Simon Miraudo debate the merits of this divisive film. Submit a review […]

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Batman 3 – Are the Rumours True or False?

Since The Dark Knight proved to be the best thing to happen to everyone, ever, rumours have been flying around about the inevitable sequel. But is a sequel even going to happen? Let’s look at what we know for certain: 1. The Dark Knight NEEDS a sequel – it practically ends on a cliffhanger! Director […]

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Is Jumper the Worst Screenplay Ever Written?

I know, I know. That’s a pretty massive call. Some of you probably don’t even think Jumper is the worst screenplay of 2008. While there are some strong contenders up against Jumper (The Love Guru, One Missed Call), this is the one that has stayed with me – annoying me on a semi-daily basis. For […]

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