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I swear – ‘Bad Words’ Review

By Simon Miraudo September 23, 2014 Jason Bateman bets on himself in Bad Words, his feature directorial debut and understandable attempt to solidify his forever-on-the-cusp-of-assured career. Longevity is not promised to anyone in Hollywood, and Bateman’s pre-Arrested Development, post-Teen Wolf Too work is a testament to that. Take solace, sir. If the flame of stardom […]

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Poles apart – Afternoon Delight review

By Richard Haridy February 5, 2014 Veteran TV writer Jill Soloway makes a wonderfully successful jump to feature films with Afternoon Delight, a disarmingly sly story that offers a subtle female twist on a tale we so regularly see from a male perspective. Kathryn Hahn is Rachel, a thirty-something mother trapped in a sexless marriage […]

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Ignorance is bliss – Our Idiot Brother review

Our Idiot Brother  – Starring Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, and Zooey Deschanel. Directed by Jesse Peretz. Rated M. By Hilary Simmons. Ned (Paul Rudd) lives on a hippie commune, grows biodynamic tomatoes, and gives his wholehearted love and attention to a golden retriever called Willie Nelson. He is a sweet-spirited idealist – that is, until […]

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