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Schwarzenegger and Willis have “substantial” roles in Expendables 2

Although this rumour has been around since the words “The Expendables” and “Two” were first uttered in the same sentence, Deadline has confirmed Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis have closed deals for “substantial” roles in the sequel to the 2010 box office hit. The duo briefly appeared opposite Sylvester Stallone in a rather questionable sequence […]

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Arnie picks Last Stand for first post-scandal film

Arnold Schwarzenegger was all set to make his triumphant return to cinema, booking gigs in the action drama Cry Macho and setting up a fifth Terminator film with him in the lead. Then, the unpleasantness began. In May, Schwarzenegger announced that he would temporarily step back from Hollywood deal-making to focus on his personal matters, […]

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