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Godfather prequel to be published amid lawsuit controversy

Representatives of the two major families, that of Paramount Pictures and Mario Puzo’s estate, have met and come to an agreement regarding the publication of a prequel to The Godfather. Back in February, Paramount sued the Puzos for attempting to publish The Family Corleone, a prequel to the late Mario’s legendary tome, without seeking their approval. The studio […]

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Paramount sues Puzo estate over new Godfather novels

Paramount and Mario Puzo’s estate are going to the mattresses over a contentious new Godfather novel. According to Bloomberg, Paramount Pictures is suing Anthony Puzo for attempting to publish a sequel to his father Mario’s legendary novel The Godfather. Mario Puzo’s original text was the basis of Francis Ford Coppola‘s feature film adaptation, considered one of the greatest […]

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Could a prequel to The Godfather be in the works?

Maybe! Mario Puzo, author of bestseller The Godfather and Oscar-winning screenwriter of Francis Ford Coppola’s film adaptations, had been working on a prequel script called The Family Corleone before his death in 1999. The Puzo estate has finally authorised writer Ed Falco to turn the 1930s-set screenplay into a book, which would follow Don Vito Corleone’s […]

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