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Star Wars Episode VII official cast announced

Let the rumour mill finally grind to a halt: the cast of Star Wars Episode VII has officially been announced. Previously-suggested names like Adam Driver (Girls), John Boyega (Attack the Block) and Domhnall Gleeson (About Time) were all revealed to have joined the team, as did Driver’s Inside Llewyn Davis co-star Oscar Isaac, motion-capture legend Andy Serkis, regular legend […]

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All you can eat – Sushi Girl review

By Richard Haridy June 18, 2013 Those who remember the spate of bland Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction rip-offs that dominated indie cinema throughout the mid to late 1990s will probably have little patience for Kern Saxton‘s Sushi Girl. It’s a strange genre mash-up that blends a post-Tarantino gangster film with a modern torture-porn aesthetic. […]

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George Lucas warned Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher about Star Wars Episode 7

Of course Luke Skywalker knew there were going to be more Star Wars films. In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mark Hamill speaks of George Lucas revealing the news to him months ago. It seems back in August, Lucas spontaneously asked Hamill and Carrie Fisher to lunch one day and revealed Episodes VII, VIII, […]

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