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Interview: Kestie Morassi (Blame)

Interview: Kestie Morassi (Blame). By Simon Miraudo. Blame is the brand new Aussie thriller from writer/director Michael Henry, seemingly inspired by the tightly-wound whodunit thrillers of Alfred Hitchcock and Agatha Christie. Kestie Morassi (Wolf Creek, Satisfaction) stars as Cate, a grieving young woman who teams up with the friends of her late sister to take […]

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Not enough Rope – Blame review

Blame – Starring Sophie Lowe, Kestie Morassi and Damian de Montemas. Directed by Michael Henry. Rated M. By Simon Miraudo. Michael Henry’s Blame clearly takes inspiration from the greats, and the writer/director certainly recognises the ingredients required for a taut psychological thriller, but he doesn’t quite follow through in the execution. It begins with a […]

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