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Andrew Adamson won’t make any more ‘Narnia’ films: “There are complications with me having involvement.”

Director Andrew Adamson doesn’t believe he’ll have anything to do with the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia film, despite having helmed the first two instalments of the saga and producing the third. We caught up with Andrew ahead of the release of his latest effort, Mr. Pip. When asked if he would have any kind of […]

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Okay expectations – Mr. Pip review

By Simon Miraudo November 4, 2013 Mr. Pip is your typical, middle-of-the-road family film, until, without warning, it very suddenly isn’t. Family films shouldn’t do anything without warning, except delight. Ending with a climactic, seemingly endless sequence of bodily mutilation is right out. But not for writer-director Andrew Adamson, who leaves the world of Shrek […]

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