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World War Z sequel in the works

Rumours of a tumultuous production be damned, Paramount are beginning work on a sequel to their surprise hit World War Z. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a follow-up will be developed by Paramount and star Brad Pitt’s production house Plan B. World War Z grossed $66 million in its first frame; the best ever opening for a Brad […]

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Sacha Baron Cohen develops The Lesbian

Sacha Baron Cohen is working with Paramount once again after the mild box office success of their last collaboration, The Dictator. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they are developing The Lesbian, based on the true tale of Hong Kong billionaire Cecil Chao. Chao made news last week when he proposed a pay-day of $65 million to any man […]

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Scorcese’s Shutter Island delayed until February!

Paramount have delayed the release of Martin Scorcese‘s thriller Shutter Island until February 2010. The film was originally set to debut early October. According to Nikke Finke at Hollywood Daily, Paramount told the filmmakers that they could not afford to spend the $50/$60 million necessary to market Scorcese’s flick in 2009. She also adds that […]

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