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The internet has paid for a Veronica Mars movie; will debut in 2014

Veronica Mars will be resurrected as a feature film, thanks to the efforts of fans who have dutifully pledged more than $2 million for its production on Kickstarter. Star Kristen Bell and show creator Rob Thomas announced on March 13 that Warner Bros – who hold the rights to VM –  would be willing to distribute their […]

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Party Down movie will shoot next year (hopefully)

In the waiting game of will they or won’t they, Adam Scott has revealed in an interview with The Playlist that a Party Down film will be happening, so long as the actors’ schedules permit it. Party Down was yet another cult comedy series that saw an early demise, and much like Arrested Development, rumours […]

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Party Down: The Movie?

Fans of good television and humour (there are a lot of us) were deeply saddened by the cancellation last year of the wonderfully dark comedy program Party Down. Well, dry those tears Party people, because creator Rob Thomas has revealed that a film is in the works. Speaking at a special Party Down marathon at […]

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