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Wounds with friends – Cheap Thrills review

By Simon Miraudo April 9, 2014 Black comedies should be as funny as they are grim, otherwise they’d call them ‘stone cold bummers’ or something. Well, E.L. Katz gets the ‘black’ part right in his Machiavellian Cheap Thrills, the former film journo’s first effort as a feature director. In it, a good man goes bad […]

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Troll play – Compliance review

By Simon Miraudo May 6, 2013 I keep waiting for the goodness to kick in. Soon after the Boston Marathon bombings, comedian Patton Oswalt took to his Facebook page and posted a heartening message of hope, assuring us that “the vast majority stands against that darkness and, like white blood cells attacking a virus, they […]

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Trailer Debut: Compliance

Inspired by real events that took place in a Kentucky McDonalds, as well as the infamous Milgram experiments, Craig Zobel’s¬†Compliance¬†looks to be a tightly contained thriller with a terrifying link to reality. Dreama Walker stars as a fast food restaurant counter girl accused of theft by her manager (Ann Dowd). The manager is getting her […]

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