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Game of stones – Pompeii review

By Richard Haridy July 23, 2014 Pompeii is what some critics will label a “guilty pleasure.” It’s trash. Unadulterated, cliché-ridden junk that is also simply damn fun to watch. I tend to rail against the term “guilty pleasure” as one should never feel guilty about enjoying something. Pompeii is a grand B-grade mash up of […]

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Teaser Debut: Pompeii

A love story set against the back-drop of a well-known historical disaster? Sound familiar? No I’m not talking about Titanic, but rather Pompeii. The teaser for this upcoming epic from director Paul W.S Anderson (aka: the not-so-good director named Paul Anderson) offers up exactly what you expect: Game Of Thrones star Kit Harrington looking wistfully […]

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