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Round the twist – ‘Predestination’ Review

By Simon Miraudo August 1, 2014 “Smart” movies can be dumb fun (Inception, Shutter Island), and “dumb” movies can be secretly smart (22 Jump Street, Spring Breakers), but movies about time travel… mostly just frustrate. They exist in some sort of netherworld, caught between smartness and dumbness, kind of like this sentence. They require rigorous […]

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Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook loop-de-loop in time-skipping ‘Predestination’ trailer

The Spierig Brothers – those rascally twins responsible for Aussie genre fare Undead and Daybreakers – are set to debut their new film Predestination at the 2014 Melbourne International Film Festival’s Opening Night Gala. But why wait until then when you can, at least, watch the trailer right now? Starring Ethan Hawke as a “temporal […]

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Ethan Hawke joins Spierig brothers’ Predestination; shooting begins in April

Peter and Michael Spierig will reteam with their Daybreakers star Ethan Hawke for another sci-fi jaunt, Predestination. According to Inside Film, the flick will begin its six-week shoot in April. The picture concerns a retiring “temporal agent” (Hawke) who must recruit his younger self and hunt down the criminal that has evaded capture his entire career. Before you criticise the Spierigs […]

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