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Interview: Christopher Kirby (Iron Sky)

Interview: Christopher Kirby (Iron Sky). By Simon Miraudo. It may not be exactly what Pink Floyd or Michael Bay predicted, but there is something looming on the Dark Side of the Moon: Nazis! That is, if Timo Vuorensola‘s new fan-funded film Iron Sky is to be believed. Having waited there patiently since the mid-40s, the […]

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Racist robots not returning for Transformers 3

Remember Skids and Mudflap from Michael Bay‘s magnum opus Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen? Of course you do. Amidst all the unintelligible carnage and lingering shots of Megan Fox‘s derriere, it was impossible to ignore the presence of these “”ghetto”” robot twins (yes, I’ve added DOUBLE quotation marks). Reaction to the duo was mixed, […]

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