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Love sick – Antiviral review

By Richard Haridy August 5, 2013 For his debut feature, David Cronenberg‘s son Brandon was always going to be measured in the shadow of his father. Rather than conspicuously avoiding these comparisons, Cronenberg has doubled down on them in Antiviral, literally cannibalising his dad’s legacy to create a coldly clinical look at society’s obsession with […]

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Mary Jane cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

There have been growing concerns about the number of new characters in Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Now comes news that one has been cut from the film entirely: Mary Jane. Actress Shailene Woodley revealed to Entertainment Weekly that her three scenes had been excised from the upcoming sequel. Good news for Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, who […]

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Safe from penetration – Cosmopolis review

Cosmopolis – Starring Robert Pattinson, Paul Giamatti, and Sarah Gadon. Directed by David Cronenberg. Rated MA. By Simon Miraudo. A young genius discovers a series of patterns in the stock market, condenses it to an equation, and capitalises on it. A billionaire by twenty-something, his abilities to predict the world’s finances are undone by the […]

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