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Sarah Palin depicted as greatest ever politician in trailer for The Undefeated

The trailer for the pro-Sarah Palin documentary The Undefeated has arrived online, and it is spectacular. Although there is no sight of the Joan of Arc parallels or violent animal imagery reportedly in the film, the teaser for the Stephen Bannon doco is rife with enthusiastic and hyperbolic talking heads essentially proclaiming the former Alaskan […]

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Sarah Palin biopic to draw Joan of Arc parallels; feature violent animal imagery

According to Deadline, a two-hour feature film about Sarah Palin is set to hit American screens next month. Commissioned by the lady herself, The Undefeated is scheduled to premiere in Iowa, the first big primary election state for the 2012 presidential campaign. It is a shrewd and, arguably, cynical move from the political team of […]

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Julianne Moore to show off her Sarah Palin impression

The woman with substance behind Sarah Palin has until now always been 30 Rock’s Tina Fey. Heck, she’s so frickin’ good, she almost out-Palins Palin. But Jay Roach’s upcoming film Game Change is set to star Julianne Moore as the controversial former vice-presidential candidate, EW report. An HBO adaptation of the best-selling novel by John […]

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