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Like a prayer – Spring Breakers review

By Simon Miraudo May 1, 2013 Feel like getting a little freaky, but still concerned about your spiritual well-being? Don’t stress: most major religions have a loop-hole for you to exploit. Naughtiness is almost expected in their ranks, if not explicitly encouraged. Amish adolescents get to enjoy ‘Rumspringa,’ a fully sanctioned period during which time they […]

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The fun in fundamentalist – Four Lions review

Four Lions – Starring Riz Ahmed, Nigel Lindsay and Preeya Kalidas. Directed by Chris Morris. Rated M. By Simon Miraudo. Four Lions is about as funny and ferocious as films come. Never before has the phrase “You’ll laugh; you’ll cry!” seemed like such a genuine, ominous threat. Chris Morris’ confronting satire is not for the […]

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