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The big kill – You’re Next review

By Simon Miraudo August 27, 2013 The reunion of an estranged family begins with awkward, uncomfortable banter, and ends in bloodshed. For some of its members, this may come as sweet relief. Adam Wingard‘s impressive slasher flick You’re Next is almost too distressing; its success as a harrowing horror movie actually endangers our ability to […]

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Troubled waters – Bait 3D review

Bait 3D ¬†– Starring Xavier Samuel, Sharni Vinson, and Julian McMahon. Directed by¬†Kimble Rendall. Rated MA. By Simon Miraudo. In what kind of a sick world does a shark movie allow the majority of its cast to walk away unchomped? That’d be the world of Kimble Rendall‘s Bait 3D, where almost all genre promises are […]

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