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Matt Stone and Trey Parker form studio for Book of Mormon movie

Matt Stone and Trey Parker, those wily geniuses behind South Park, Team America, and Orgazmo (OK, not everything’s a slam dunk), have formed their own production studio, appropriately titled Important Studios. According to The New York Times, Parker and Stone secured $300 million for the venture from investors, as well the profits of their long-running series South Park and their Broadway hit The Book of […]

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The top 10 films based on TV shows

The top 10 films based on TV shows. By Simon Miraudo. Though we’re still anxiously waiting for the Arrested Development and Deadwood movies, television lovers can bide their time with Kath and Kimderella, the feature adaptation of the hit Australian show. OK, it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison, but it’ll do. Join us as we reflect on the ten […]

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