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Paranormal Activity 5 not coming this year; Latino spin-off dated January 2014

Last week it was reported that the fifth instalment of the Paranormal Activity franchise would not meet its annual Halloween deadline, instead hitting cinemas in January of 2014. Individuals close to the production tell The Wrap that Paranormal Activity 5 is actually much further away from completion: it doesn’t even have a script. Instead, it’s […]

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Madagascar penguins to star in spinoff

I’m sure the children of the world will disagree with me, but I’ve never found the Madagascar films all that entertaining. They keep making money though, so they’ll be getting another sequel. This time however, the (admittedly, very funny) penguin sidekicks will be in the limelight. THR has the scoop that Megamind screenwriters Alan J. […]

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Lost’s Ben and Locke to star in buddy comedy

Hmm, maybe The Secret was on to something.* Today we have news of a project that seems to have been willed into existence by the feverish dreams and prayers of every Lost fan on the planet. Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson (better known as Lost’s Locke and Ben) are set to star in a new […]

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