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Long is good – Nymphomaniac Vol. 2 review

By Simon Miraudo March 28, 2014 As I concluded my review of Nymphomaniac‘s first volume, I wondered if director Lars von Trier would surprise us with a happy ending in its follow-up. For him, that would truly be shocking. Turns out it was a misjudged prediction. I also said the following: “Lars von Trier may […]

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New sensation – Nymphomaniac Vol.1 review

By Simon Miraudo March 24, 2014 Overheard after the screening of Nymphomaniac Vol.1: “It certainly had a lot of… ideas.” No kidding. I can’t believe how some of those ‘ideas’ got past the censors. And did you see the size of that one dude’s ‘idea’? The first entry in Lars von Trier‘s two-part odyssey of […]

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