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Here’s why the not-at-all choosy Steven Seagal won’t do an ‘Expendables’ film

Steven Seagal, incredibly selective thespian and bastion of integrity, has revealed why he’s never starred in one of those Expendables movies: he doesn’t like the people that make them! Speaking to The Big Issue, Seagal revealed, he “just didn’t like some of the people involved,” adding further salt in Sylvester Stallone’s wound by saying, “life is too short to […]

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Faker! The Informant! review

The Informant! – Starring Matt Damon, Melanie Lynskey and Scott Bakula. Directed by Steven Soderbergh. Rated M. Originally published December 1, 2009. By Simon Miraudo. The Informant (sorry, THE INFORMANT!) is one of those films that demands special punctuation in its title, much like Inglourious Basterds or Menace II Society. The title needs to be […]

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Steven Seagal Wants To Fight Aliens in Under Siege 3!

source: moviesblog.mtv.com Finally, a sequel that we actually NEED! Steven Seagal has told MTV that he would like to reprise his role as Navy Seal-turned-cook Casey Ryback in a third Under Siege film. Although nothing is confirmed, Seagal has said there are offers that he is currently taking into consideration. However, he has one idea […]

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