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The top 10 Will Ferrell performances

The top 10 Will Ferrell performances. By Simon Miraudo. Will Ferrell stars as congressman Cam Brady in The Campaign, yet another oddball character to join his esteemed rogue’s gallery of supremely confident idiots. He’s come a long way since cheerleading with Cheri Oteri and crooning as Robert Goulet on Saturday Night Live. After cameoing in […]

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Paul Rudd to freeze people for Errol Morris

Paul Rudd will star in Errol Morris’ next feature film, where he’ll play a man who freezes humans. Before you start picturing Rudd a-la Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr Freeze in Batman & Robin, The Washington Post confirms Rudd’s character will be less “You’re not sending me to the cooler” and more “Cryogenics 101”. Rudd will play […]

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