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Melbourne International Film Festival – Day Eight

Melbourne International Film Festival – Day Eight. By Simon Miraudo. I’m writing this very sentence to you at 2:32am on Friday evening (or rather, Saturday morning), on this, the eighth night of the 2011 Melbourne International Film Festival. You’ll forgive me if I end my introduction here and get right on to discussing the movies, […]

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Interview: Leon Ford, writer/director of Griff the Invisible

Interview: Leon Ford, writer/director of Griff the Invisible. By Simon Miraudo. Back in the 1990s, audiences were spoiled for choice when it came to offbeat DIY superhero movies (Blankman, Mystery Men, Orgazmo, Three Ninjas, kinda). Then Bryan Singer went and ruined it for everyone with his mopey X-Men films, and suddenly “gritty” superheroes were the […]

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Trailer Debut: Super

“SHUT UP CRIME!” Now there’s a catch phrase we can all relate to. Yep, the superhero film craze seems finally to be finished with its 180 on self-reflexivity. Turning the protractor another six degrees of Kevin Bacon back towards the audience, Super is a superhero flick that looks as though it’s going to implode. From […]

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