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Bad to the bone – Sharknado review

By Simon Miraudo September 24, 2013 Sharknado was made with the worst intentions. You need only look to its dismissive tagline – “Enough said!” – for evidence of its attempt to capitalise on the popularity of bad movies. Cheaply – and poorly – produced, it was meant to be consumed by groups of people who’ve […]

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Universal sues The Asylum over Battleship rip-off

The Asylum is famous for releasing direct-to-DVD soundalikes of popular movies: Transmorphers, The Day the Earth Stopped, Sunday School Musical. The list is, almost literally, endless. Universal Studios has taken umbrage with their latest mockbuster, American Battleship, claming that it’s a rip-off of their board-game adaptation Battleship (well… yeah). According to TMZ, Universal has filed […]

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