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The Best Films of 2014 (So Far)

By Simon Miraudo June 25, 2014 The inexorable march of time continues ever forward, a crushing reminder our too brief, finite existence. Or, to be less of a ‘von Trier’ about it: Can you believe it’s almost July? The first six months of 2014 are behind us, and what do we have to show for […]

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night, ‘Mother – The Babadook review

By Simon Miraudo May 12, 2014 You may not believe in bogeymen, but you better believe The Babadook is the best Australian film in years. Jennifer Kent’s feature debut is wholly inventive and original, while still calling to mind Drag Me To Hell, The Entity, Repulsion, The Shining, and Carrie. I don’t list its (possible) […]

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