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Here’s why the not-at-all choosy Steven Seagal won’t do an ‘Expendables’ film

Steven Seagal, incredibly selective thespian and bastion of integrity, has revealed why he’s never starred in one of those Expendables movies: he doesn’t like the people that make them! Speaking to The Big Issue, Seagal revealed, he “just didn’t like some of the people involved,” adding further salt in Sylvester Stallone’s wound by saying, “life is too short to […]

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Harrison Ford replacing Bruce Willis in Expendables 3; Stallone brands Willis “greedy and lazy”

There’s surely no shortage of chest-puffing on the set of those Expendables movies, and Sylvester Stallone is doing his part to offer us an insight into that very world. After announcing on Twitter that Harrison Ford would be replacing Bruce Willis in the upcoming Expendables 3, he took to the social media service to diss […]

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