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Pixar has totally retooled ‘The Good Dinosaur’

The team at Pixar are known for their (nearly) immaculate track record, so most would be surprised to learn of the tumult that so frequently occurs during the production of their pictures. I say that to calm the nerves of those concerned about their upcoming feature, The Good Dinosaur, which was delayed from 2014 to 2015 and had director Bob Peterson replaced […]

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No Pixar movies in 2014; Good Dinosaur and Finding Dory delayed

The writing was on the wall. The LA Times confirms Pixar has pushed the release of The Good Dinosaur from June 2014 to November 2015. This follows the revelation that Dinosaur’s director Bob Peterson had been removed from the project. Dinosaur takes Finding Dory’s release date, which is now set to bow June 2016. Pixar […]

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Pixar set to “scale back” the sequels

Pixar Animation Studios President Ed Catmull has answered the prayers of all Pixar fans by promising to concentrate primarily on original films moving forward. In a chat with Buzzfeed, Catmull reiterated how original films were a priority for the production house, promising at least one a year. “Every once in a while, we get a film […]

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