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Could Betty White host the Oscars?

In the past 12 months, Betty White has generated the kind of good-will and adoration usually reserved for Pixar, or at the very least returning Messiahs. The 88-year-old actress stole sleeper hit The Proposal from under stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, appeared in a pretty-funny Snickers commercial, and was given the opportunity to host […]

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Betty White: Oscar contender?

source: awardsdaily.com Each year we take great delight in evaluating the various For Your Consideration Oscar ads released by studios. They often range from the deserving to the absolutely incredulous. This one falls into the latter category. Click the pic for a higher resolution image. Disney are pushing Betty White for a Best Supporting Actress […]

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Amy Adams’ Leap Year trailer debut!

source: traileraddict.com The trailer for the new Amy Adams romantic comedy Leap Year is a must watch … to see exactly how not to create a trailer. Why pay for the movie when we can literally see the entire plot condensed into two minutes? The Anand Tucker-directed film had us relatively excited once upon a […]

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