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The top 10 George Clooney performances

The top 10 George Clooney performances. By Simon Miraudo. George Clooney scored a Best Actor Oscar nomination this year for his sterling work in Alexander Payne‘s The Descendants, in which he played a grieving husband who discovers his comatose wife was conducting an affair behind his back. The Academy Award went elsewhere – and to […]

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Brad Pitt and David O. Russell tackling The Mission

Oscar nominated director David O. Russell (The Fighter) and Brad Pitt are being courted by Warner Bros to join The Mission, according to Deadline.  The picture would tell the true story of the six-year mission in which covert American and Colombian operatives freed 15 hostages from a guerilla group in the jungle. That premise brings […]

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Interview: David O. Russell; director of The Fighter.

Interview: David O. Russell; director of The Fighter. By Simon Miraudo. David O. Russell emerged in the 1990s as one of the most exciting young filmmakers of his generation. He spent a decade refining his craft – culminating in the masterpiece Three Kings – and then found himself in ‘director jail’ for much of the […]

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