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Melbourne International Film Festival – Day Seven

Melbourne International Film Festival – Day Seven. By Simon Miraudo. Well, that’s one week down. To think it was only seven days ago that I arrived in Melbournetown and trekked to the Greater Union on Russell Street for the very first time. 168 hours later (give or take), and I’ve seen 24 films at the […]

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First look at 2011 Melbourne International Film Festival

The first batch of titles heading to this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival (running 21 July to 7 August) were revealed today, and they include a number of exciting local features, long-awaited international flicks and a Cannes prize winner. We’ve been waiting to catch Richard Ayoade’s Submarine and Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture for some time; they’ll both […]

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Black Swan nabs top prizes at Indie Spirit Award

The Film Independent Spirit Awards took place yesterday and the winners have been announced. Honouring “independent film” (let’s not go into too much of a discussion about what constitutes an “independent film” these days, but let’s just say that the term here certainly has looser determinants than it did once upon a time), the Film […]

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