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Walrus? Yes! Kevin Smith’s ‘Tusk’ trailer revealed

The trailer for Kevin Smith’s podcast-born horror flick – his first since 2011’s Red State – has arrived online, following its premiere at Comic Con. Inspired by a Gumtree post and discussed on Smith and Scott Mosier’s Smodcast, Tusk will concern a podcaster (Justin Long) who answers a classified ad from a lonely former seaman (Michael Parks), looking for an […]

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‘Clerks 3’ faces a Weinstein-sized roadblock

Kevin Smith has been trumpeting Clerks 3 for some time, but it may have faced an insurmountable obstacle: the Weinsteins. Smith revealed to Screen Daily (recounted by IndieWire) his $6 million budget for the sequel was deemed too high by Bob and Harvey Weinstein, who were planning to make and distribute the film. “I went in with a […]

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