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The top 10 foul-mouthed friends

The top 10 foul-mouthed friends. By Simon Miraudo We’ve all got one. Sometimes they can be your hero, but often they’re an unending personal embarrassment. They say the things we think but could never articulate for fear of offense. Mostly though, they say the things no one ever should. In the case of Ted, that […]

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Schwarzenegger, DeVito to be joined by Murphy in Twins sequel

Well, here’s news you don’t expect to read every day. Universal and the Montecito Picture Company are plotting a sequel to the 1988 hit Twins, reuniting mismatched brothers Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the sequel would be titled Triplets, and introduce Eddie Murphy as the third sibling. No director is yet attached, but original […]

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