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Hicker than your average – Joe review

By Simon Miraudo July 2, 2014 Nicolas Cage is as if the question “Turn down for what?” took human form and then starred in a bunch of direct-to-DVD thrillers. For him, there is no such thing as a ‘phoned-in’ performance. Performances should be delivered with gusto, peppered with screaming fits. It’s become harder and harder […]

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Hopeless romantic – Mud review

By Simon Miraudo June 10, 2013 In Jeff Nichols, America has a champion of the religious and working class. With the schism between the right and left in the U.S. growing ever larger (and dismissive assumptions being made about residents of the red states even here in Australia), his ascent couldn’t have come at a […]

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Trailer Debut: Mud

Matthew McConaughey’s winning streak looks set to continue into 2013. We’ve even dropped the derogatory nickname McConaugheyhey. He’s earned it! In the trailer for Jeff Nichols’ Mud  (which, admittedly, debuted at Cannes last year), he plays a mysterious drifter on the run from the law. Mud also stars Michael Shannon – from Nichols’ previous flicks, Take […]

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