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Smile! David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’ gets a proper trailer

A feature trailer for David Fincher’s Gone Girl has arrived online. Though it’s not quite as ambiguous and unsettling as the ‘She’-scored teaser, it skilfully navigates around the source novel’s major twists, highlighting the impressive supporting cast. It also further makes the case that Ben Affleck might be perfectly cast as the widely-despised, suspicious husband of a missing woman (Rosamund Pike), […]

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The top 10 director burns

The top 10 director burns. By Simon Miraudo. There’s nothing like a good old fashioned filmmaker feud! The ever-opinionated David Cronenberg, hot on the Cosmopolis publicity trail, recently told NextMovie he had no interest in ever making a superhero movie. Then he began criticising Christopher Nolan‘s Batman flicks (“they’re mostly boring), and anyone who branded them […]

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Fire breaks out at Tyler Perry’s studio

A four-alarm fire broke out in Tyler Perry’s Atlanta based studio late on Tuesday night, the LA Times reports. Perry is known for a string of African-American themed films he wrote, directed, produced and starred in over the last seven years. Best described as a hellish cross between Woody Allen, George Lucas and Martin Lawrence, Perry cornered […]

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